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Analysis: Your social media presence needs to deliver a business outcome

When I work with food entrepreneurs on the development of business and marketing plans, social media always looms large. ⁠

⁠Almost all entrepreneurs assume that social media is an automatic necessity when starting a new business. But that doesn’t mean that your social accounts should exist in a vacuum, without having to deliver positive and planned outcomes for your business. ⁠

⁠A well run social account can deliver any of the following, alone or combined:⁠

  • ⁠Relevant reach – find the people whose lives you are making better, then tell them how you’re doing this.⁠
  • Customer Service – catch questions and communicate with customers⁠
  • Education – explain your product, your services. How to use, what makes you unique.⁠
  • Brand building – share your values, why you get out of bed in the morning, your “why”. ⁠

⁠But whatever you do, whatever route you choose, make sure that you allocate a dollar value to your activities. ⁠

⁠How much does it cost to run your accounts? How much do they have to earn to justify their existence? Ask yourself, if you’re spending $30k a year on social media, exactly how many products do you need to sell as a result of this to break even? ⁠

⁠There will always be an investment phase at the beginning, but after 12 months it’s time to review and if need be, adjust to make sure you’re not running a vanity operation.

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