Short-form video is continuing to grow in popularity and is becoming ever more affordable 🎥

The shift toward more informal, highly engaging UGC-style (user generated content) videos continues. Video content is quickly becoming an essential part of the marketing mix, not just for large brands but also for startups. Until recently, the cost associated with this has often been prohibitive.

Working with independent creators specializing in short, engaging UGC style videos has changed this. We are currently in the middle of a project where the total cost of 100 videos is less than $15,000, an average of $150 per video.

These price points make video content affordable for many brands that don’t have access to massive budgets. This affordability brings ever more video content to market, which in return shapes consumer expectations.

Use these videos for:

  • Compelling testimonials on your website
  • Social content on your social channels – or test a new platform like TikTok without having to create your own content.
  • Engaging content on your digital sales sheet (you’ve got digital sales sheets, right? If not, you need to hop on that.)

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Andreas Duess, food marketing expert
Andreas Duess, Food Marketing Expert

Whether you need help figuring out how to make your social media deliver positive ROI or your packaging actually support sales off shelf, or any other food-related challenge, we’re here for you. 

Book a free 15-minute discovery call with me. I am happy to discuss your food or drinks business and any questions you may have.

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