Case Study: Prairie Routes Rebranding

We had the incredible opportunity to work with Brenda Tjaden, a trailblazer in the fields of traditional and regenerative agriculture.

With a diverse portfolio of businesses under the Sustainable Grain and Prairie Routes brand names, Brenda has gained invaluable expertise and established an impressive network in the industry.

Her businesses span a wide variety of services, with a focus on consulting and analytical report writing.

At the heart of all her endeavours lies a commitment to assisting farmers in transitioning to regenerative agriculture swiftly and profitably.

In doing so, Brenda not only creates a more equitable and sustainable food system but also proves that being an environmentally responsible steward is a financially rewarding path for farmers.

Recognizing the need to consolidate her diverse businesses and interests, Brenda approached us to create a unified brand that reflects her deep knowledge and passion for regenerative agriculture in all its forms.

Together, we crafted a brand that encapsulates Brenda’s vision and dedication, embodying her commitment to a greener, more prosperous future for both farmers and consumers.

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