Case Study: Northfork Bison

Northfork Bison is a leading bison and game meat provider in Canada and the US, with a recent expansion into Costco US.

Our food marketing campaign for Northfork aimed to increase brand awareness among US consumers interested in bison meat for culinary and health reasons.

To achieve this, we collaborated with 100 US influencers in the home cook, fitness, and BBQ categories to produce 100 UGC-style videos for Instagram Reels and TikTok.

Importantly, all publishing rights were passed to Northfork Bison, allowing us to remix, repurpose, and republish the video content on any Northfork-controlled channels.

To reach our desired audiences, we planned and executed a paid media campaign on TikTok and augmented it with additional video content answering commonly asked consumer questions about our product.

By leveraging the power of influencers and video content, we drove engagement and increased brand awareness for Northfork Bison.

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