Case Study: Mandioca Cheese Pops

The founders of Mandioca

Let’s face it. Most gluten-free products just don’t taste great. Frequently, they are made with ingredients that don’t look great, either. 

Mandioca is here to change this situation. Starting with traditional and naturally gluten-free Brazilian cheese balls, they are working to change gluten-free offerings for the better.

Our work

  •  We worked with the founder team to define what values the Mandioca brand stood for.
  • We conducted consumer research and developed a powerful and confident brand position – “gluten-free that doesn’t taste like cr#p – and doesn’t contain any either” that addresses real-life consumer painpoints.
  • Positioned their product in a busy market with a standout design language that can be owned and adapted for future product variations
  • Developed marketing plans, executed PR campaigns and created compelling social content.
  • Created packaging that sells.
  • Supported the founders by introducing them to brokers and distribution partners.

Want to know what we can do to make your food startup successful?

Testimonial video content

Video content is getting ever more important to communicate brand values and product functionality. And it doesn’t need to be expensive to be valuable. 

When we sampled Madioca gluten-free products at a trade show, reactions were so positive, that we decided to capture them on video and create quick edits that match the brand’s style and visual language. 

This compelling and authentic content is now being used everywhere, from social channels to digital sales sheets. 

Animated Instagram ads

We created a digital ad campaign with the goal to get the “gluten-free that doesn’t taste like cr#p” statement in front of as many Canadians as possible. 

Optimized for reach and recall, these ads are running to carefully selected audiences and are mirrored by in-store activations like door clings to aid in recall and drive shelf velocity.

We used animation of existing brand assets to create ads that get attention and still work within the budget realities of a startup. 

Our partners