Three reasons why you should not sleep on older consumers if you want to be successful with your food or drink brand

A Shift in Perception

Let’s talk about older consumers. The food and drink business is often all about the latest buzz, the hot new trend, and of course, the elusive Gen Z and millennial markets.

But let’s take a step back for a minute. Have you ever considered the untapped potential of older consumers? It might seem a bit offbeat, but trust me; there’s a gold mine waiting to be discovered.

Purchasing Power of older consumers: More than Just Pennies

The first thing that strikes me about older consumers, particularly middle-aged and older, is their purchasing power.

They are generally well-settled in their careers or comfortably enjoying their retirement. Often, they’ve got the money to spend on the finer things in life. For food and drink brands, this means an opportunity to offer more premium, quality-driven products with a focus on health.

It’s a win-win situation. Your brand is perceived as high value, and the customers feel good about their choices.

Experience in the Kitchen: Not Just a Hobby

The next thing that makes older consumers an appealing demographic is their cooking expertise.

These consumers have spent decades in the kitchen. They’ve mastered the art of preparing meals, understand the complexity of flavours, and are confident in their culinary skills.

This confidence often makes them adventurous in trying out new products and flavours – my own parents are a prime example of this.

So, if you’ve got a unique flavour profile or a novel product, guess who’s potentially likely to appreciate it? Yep, the older consumer.

Cooking Frequency: More than a One-Time Deal

The third reason why I believe older consumers are a powerhouse demographic for food and drink brands is their cooking frequency.

Middle-aged women, in particular, are often the ones preparing meals at home, day in, day out. This daily engagement with food products gives them an opportunity to integrate new brands and products into their routine.

So, not only do they try new things, but they can also become repeat customers. That’s the kind of loyalty any brand would love to have!

The Email Clue: More Than Just Spam

And here’s a fun fact to back this up – just check your incoming email. In the world of Gmail and iCloud, a surprisingly large number of older consumers are still using their AOL or Hotmail email addresses.

Now, why am I telling you this? Because this seemingly minor detail can be a massive hint at a demographic we might be hugely underestimating!

Waking Up to Older Consumers

In a nutshell, older consumers are a fantastic market opportunity for food and drink brands. Their purchasing power, cooking experience, and frequency of cooking make them an attractive demographic for brands aiming to create a loyal customer base.

so, it’s time for us in the food and drink industry to wake up and smell the coffee (or the artisanal, single-origin spices).

We need to reassess our marketing strategies and ensure we’re not ‘sleeping’ on the older consumers – a group that could very well be the key to our success.

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