Nourish Nurture Signal: the top search terms used by buyers on ???? is an online platform that connects retail buyers to brands, enabling discovery, sourcing and purchasing. They are most active in the US but are expanding to Europe and Canada.

As a result, they sit on a ton of data and have recently shared some of the top search terms used by buyers. These include:

  • Natural
  • Authentic
  • Vegan
  • Frozen
  • Chocolate

I am not surprised to see “natural” and “authentic”, which have been popular for some time now, but “frozen” is a relative newcomer.  In last week’s newsletter, I also mentioned how Air Fryer sales are one of the multiple drivers behind a boost in frozen food/snack sales and it’s interesting to see that this growth now shows up in actual search interest from retail buyers.

Retail buyers look for products that sell. Their searches reflect consumer behaviour in-store.

How to profit from this:

  • Keep your labels as clean as possible. If you’re using natural or vegan ingredients, call this out. 
  • Don’t be afraid to share your authentic story, origin, ingredients or culture. The market is ready and interested.
  • Think about aligning your core callouts – from sales sheet to packaging. To have an impact, your messaging needs to be aligned across all channels.

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Andreas Duess, food marketing expert
Andreas Duess, Food Marketing Expert

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