Creating food packaging that sells on shelf

Consumers spend between 1.2 and 2.4 seconds looking at a food product on a supermarket shelf before they make a POP “purchase or pass” decision. 

Our team of highly experienced designers are experts when it comes to food packaging, making sure that your product’s core benefits are communicated clearly and concisely. 

Here’s what’s important

  • The average supermarket stocks between 45-50,000 different items
  • The packaging needs to communicate the consumer problem it solves immediately. 
  • No more than three key benefits – supporting points as icons
  • Does the packaging work within the category conventions? 
  • When it breaks the rules, what’s the reason?
  • Are your UPC codes scannable and follow GS1 guidelines?
  • Do your nutritional tabes follow the federal rules for content and design? If not, retailers and distributors can and will refuse to receive your products. The worst-case scenario here is a recall.

Need help, want to ask questions or a second opinion on existing work that’s not turning over on shelf?

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