Get 45 proven Done-For-You Prompts to help you unleash the power of ChatGPT for your business 🚀

Perfect for food entrepreneurs, food marketers, copywriters and coaches who want to utilize the awesome power of ChatGPT for their business.

Imagine becoming an Instant Expert at ChatGPT, and being able to confidently utilize it’s awesome power for your food and drinks business. 

Imagine never being out of ideas again, from social media posts to blogs, from newsletters to recipes. 

Imagine having access to the same prompt formulas that we used to research, write and SEO optimize 200 high ranking blog posts in two weeks. 

Imagine having lifetime access to a prompt library specifically create for food and drink entrepreneurs that is constantly being updated with the latest information. 

With our Food & Drink Entrepreneur’s Prompt Library, you’ll have instant access to an arsenal of high-quality, professionally written prompts, tailored for every aspect of your business and marketing strategy.

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Here's What You'll Get Inside the Library 📚

  • Lifetime Access to a Prompt Library that has been created and tested by experienced food and drink marketers. Bookmark your unique link and use as many time as needed. 
  • Constantly updated at no extra cost with the latest news and developments. We learn, you learn. 
  • Social Media Content: Captivating post ideas, engaging captions, and hashtag research for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • Blog Content: Keyword research, blog post writing, and SEO optimization for your food and drink articles
  • Advertising: Google Ads ideas, ad writing, and Facebook ad captions with powerful call-to-actions
  • Email Marketing: Campaign ideas, subject lines, and newsletter content to keep your customers engaged
  • Website Content: Sales sheet copy, website structures, and persuasive website copy to drive conversions
  • Events & Promotions: Event ideas, invitation copy, and press release writing to generate buzz
  • Influencer Marketing: Strategies, partnership proposals, and content ideas for YouTube, podcasts, and other platforms
  • Product Development: Recipe writing, food photography tips, package design ideas, and more

The ChatGPT Prompt Library for Food Marketers will help you to:


Always have an assistant by your side, with a never-ending supply of ideas and insights


Proven prompts that cover everyting from building a content plant to creating engaging social posts


Save time and money by outsourcing much of your planning and marketing to ChatGPT

Why Choose Our Prompt Library? 🔥

  • Save Time: No more hours wasted on brainstorming; our library has everything you need, ready to go
  • Expert-Crafted: Developed by food and drink marketing professionals with years of experience in the industry
  • Cost-Effective: Save on hiring expensive marketing agencies or freelance writers
  • Flexible: Easily adapt the prompts to suit your brand voice and specific needs
  • Wide Variety: Covers a broad range of platforms, channels, and content types to cater to every aspect of your marketing strategy
  • Never ever have fear of the blank page again. Simply ask for ideas and they will be delivered.


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Full list of ChatGPT Prompts for food marketers that you will receive:

Social Media
Instagram post ideas
Instagram captions
Instagram hashtag research
Tiktok scripts
Tiktok captions
Facebook Post ideas
Facebook post captions
Facebook ad captions with call to action
Consumer Segmentation
Consumer Persona
Content Marketing
Content Marketing Planning
Blog post keyword research
Blog post writing
SEO Optimization
SEO optimizing blog posts
Google Ads
Google ads ideas
Google ad writing
Sales Sheet ideas
Sales Sheet copy
Website structures
Website copy
Email Marketing
Email marketing campaign ideas
Email subject lines
Email newsletter content
Event and Promotional Ideas
Event invitation copy
Press Release
Press release topics
Press release writing
 Influencer Marketing strategies
 Influencer marketing
 Influencer partnership proposals
YouTube Content
YouTube video ideas
YouTube video scripts
YouTube video descriptions
Podcast Content
Podcast topics
Podcast episode outlines
Podcast episode scripts
Pinterest Content
Pinterest board ideas
Pinterest pin descriptions
Twitter Content
Twitter post ideas
Twitter post captions
LinkedIn Content
LinkedIn post ideas
LinkedIn post captions
Content Development
Recipe development and writing
Food and drink photography tips
Branded merchandise ideas
Package design ideas
Brand storytelling and messaging
Promotional Video Content
Promotional video ideas
Promotional video scripts
Loyalty Program Ideas
Loyalty program ideas

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