About Audacious Food Marketing

We help our clients sell more food

At Audacious, we do one thing well. We’re food marketing experts. Audacious is founded and run by Andreas Duess, North America’s leading food marketing specialist. 

We don’t sell insurance, we don’t sell detergent. We sell food, and we help food and drink companies grow. Check out the range of our services here

In addition to providing branding, packaging, marketing and food PR services, we also work with an unmatched network of distributors, brokers, packaging experts and retailers to help our clients achieve success in the food and drink market. 

Where we have clients and partners

We don't make you pay for expensive offices

We work in a way that’s appropriate for 2023. Audacious is a fully distributed company, working with talent all over North America and even further afield. 

This means that we have no expensive offices in flashy downtown office towers to pay for and that our clients have access to the best talent; wherever they choose to live.

We do use the latest technology to work seamlessly with our clients and staff, regardless of their location. 

We have first hand CPG experience

We own and operate our own successful CPG brand, Auralis Botanical Brewing. We brew adaptogenic botanical tonics with functional mushrooms. 

This gives us first-hand experience in what it takes to scale a CPG brand. 

Our partners