We bring Big Food Company thinking to small food company budgets.

Branding is more than a logo. We develop food and drink branding that creates the all important emotional connection with consumers. 

Our designers are experts in CPG design, making sure that your product stands out on shelf, is accepted by retailers and adheres to all regulations. 

From helping entrepreneurs figure out product market fit to setting up retail launch plans, we help you plan for success.

If you have a story, we’ll ensure it gets told. With 16 years food PR experience, we have relationships with most journalists and publications. 

From WordPress to Shopify, from Amazon listings to social content, we can support your digital needs. 

We create the kind of video content needed to succeed on today’s fast-paced social platforms.

Our fractional CMO services bring the power of having a CMO on your leadership team without the associated cost. 

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Client Testimonials

“Andreas’ advice helped us to focus on the essentials and get a great-tasting product to market.”

Jeremy Anderson, Dick Duffs

“Working with Andreas and the team at Audacious Marketing has been fantastic.”

Marja DeBoer, Golspie Dairy

“Most importantly, Andreas brings energy and creativity to any project, no matter how big or how small”

Sebastian Bresciani, Northfork Bison

“I cannot begin to express my confidence and trust in them.”

Nancy Gavin, Redpath Sugar

Our courses help food and drink entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams

Free Course: Handling Bad Reviews like a Pro

Free Course: Your Guide to Common Food Industry Acronyms

Course: When and how to work with a Food Broker

Food Entrepreneur News

One reason we understand food and drink entrepreneurs so well is because we too are food entrepreneurs

Andreas, who runs Audacious Food Marketing, is one of the founders of the Auralis Botanical Brewing Company, Canada’s first brewed botanical tonic crafted from functional mushrooms. 

Using the exact same processes that we use to build our client’s businesses helped Auralis achieve:

  • national distribution in Canada within three months of launch
  • US key market distribution within six months of launch 
  • currently in negotiations with their first European importer

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