We are a team of CPG experts and founders who help food and drink startups launch and scale successfully. 
From concept validation to brand creation, from packaging design to getting distribution ready, we’re the expert friend we could have done with when we launched our own food and drink brands. 

Let us know what you need a hand with, and we’ll be in touch in no time at all. 

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Everything you need to know to run a successful food or drinks business

One reason we understand food and drink entrepreneurs so well is because we too are food entrepreneurs

Andreas, who runs Audacious Food Marketing, is one of the founders of the Auralis Botanical Brewing Company, Canada’s first brewed botanical tonic crafted from functional mushrooms. 

Using the exact same processes that we use to build our client’s businesses helped Auralis achieve:

  • national distribution in Canada within three months of launch
  • US key market distribution within six months of launch 
  • currently in negotiations with their first European importer

“Crazy good value, comes straight to the point and kept us focused on the essentials. Meeting with Andreas literally stopped us from wasting thousands of dollars and months and months of time.”

Jeremy Anderson

Founder, Dick Duff's Jerky

“Andreas didn’t just answer all the questions I had but, importantly, he answered many questions I didn’t even know I needed to ask.”​

Ivan Wadgymar​

Founder, Maizal

"I can't recommend working with Andreas highly enough. He is whip smart, understood our challenges in an instant and offered ideas and insights that were jaw-droppingly effective."

Mike McKenzie

Founder, Seed to Sausage

"Sincere thanks for all your help, creativity and dedication!

Looking forward to our next phase of growing with this beautiful, inspiring new brand"


Founder, Collective Joy Farm

Most agencies out there will never share how much it costs to work with them until they absolutely have to. Instead, they’ll try and find out your available budget and charge as much as they can get away with. 

As food entrepreneurs ourselves, we call BS on that. We want to know how much things cost so that we can make an informed decision. 

The prices below are an average of the last 20 projects we worked on. They are not a firm quote.

Some were a little higher (one was a lot higher but that was for an international launch) some were a little lower. This gives you an idea of what the budget requirements are to build a successful food or drinks brand. 

Go-to-market Plan

$ 5256
  • Category research - size of market, growth potential
  • Establishing Product Market Fit. Does your product fit in with consumer trends and behaviour patterns
  • Should you go to market with the current product or should you make changes?
  • Pricing conventions in category
  • Cost analysis, production cost estimate to work towards
  • Launch analysis, best way to enter the market
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Brand Development

$ 6752
  • Brand Foundation Document - single source of truth for the brand going forward
  • Brand Archetype
  • Brand Positioning
  • Name Development
  • Visual Brand Development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Trademark support

Food Packaging

$ 6260
  • Category Research & understanding category conventions
  • Three design options
  • Core message and callout development
  • Copywriting in English and French
  • GS1 barcode support
  • Nutritional information support

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