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Do you need to launch, scale or support a food or drink brand?

If so, you want to talk to us. With 15 years in food marketing for some of the most well-known brands around*, and running our own CPG companies, we’ve got the experience that others don’t. 

*chances are they’re well known because they worked with us. 

What do we do for our clients?

  • We help food, drink, and agricultural startups to scale successfully and become famous challenger brands.
  • We innovate with established companies to stay ahead of the competition, legislation and consumer demands.
  • We advise teams of all sizes on improving the long-term sustainability of their business.

Is your food, drink or agricultural business startup differentiated enough to succeed? Does have a chance to achieve Product Market Fit? Does your financial modelling make sense? 
We help you survive the critical first two years by building the solid foundations that will support your business for the next 20. 

We cook up irresistible brand identities that leave your customers craving more.

We don’t just design food packaging.

We design reasons for distributors, retail buyers and consumers to say “hell yes” to your product.

If you have a story, we’ll ensure it gets told. With 16 years food PR experience, we have relationships with most journalists and publications. 

We don’t just design for the eyes. We cater to all the senses, ensuring your food and drink products are a full sensory experience.

We create the kind of video content needed to succeed on today’s fast-paced social platforms.

From using ChatGPT for your content marketing to incorporating AI solutions into your SOPs, we’re experts in how to use AI to sell more food, more efficiently. 

Want to make your food brand famous? Start by booking your free 15-minute consultation

No selling, no blather, no commitments. Just us listening to you and you telling us where you want to take your business. 

Client Testimonials

“Andreas’ advice helped us to focus on the essentials and get a great-tasting product to market.”

Jeremy Anderson, Dick Duffs

“Working with Andreas and the team at Audacious Marketing has been fantastic.”

Marja DeBoer, Golspie Dairy

“Most importantly, Andreas brings energy and creativity to any project, no matter how big or how small”

Sebastian Bresciani, Northfork Bison

“I cannot begin to express my confidence and trust in them.”

Nancy Gavin, Redpath Sugar

A few samples of recent work

“The work we create is the result of a journey that we take with our clients, not something we just present to them. Co-creation is at the heart of everything we do.”

Andreas Duess, Audacious Founder

Resources to help food and drink marketers build the business of their dreams

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Free Course: Handling Bad Reviews like a Pro

Free Course: Your Guide to Common Food Industry Acronyms

Course: When and how to work with a Food Broker

Learn to grow and scale your food business

One reason we understand food and drink companies so well is because we too operate a CPG company

Andreas, who runs Audacious Food Marketing, is one of the founders of the Auralis Botanical Brewing Company, Canada’s first brewed botanical tonic crafted from functional mushrooms. 

Using the exact same processes that we use to build our client’s businesses helped Auralis achieve:

  • national distribution in Canada within three months of launch
  • US key market distribution within six months of launch 
  • currently in negotiations with their first European importer

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